Husband & wife team Bill & Leyla Forrest have been in the entertainment business for over 15 years.They founded Paradigm Karaoke to provide an entertainment that allows people to forget their stress and celebrate their joys with music and laughter.

You can come sing your favorite songs! With over 14,000 legally purchased songs, we have something for everyone. From country, pop, rock, alternative, oldies (but goodies) rap, and even showtunes, we have you covered!If we don’t have it, many songs are available for purchase and we may be able to buy it and have it ready for you to sing before your next turn that night.We will also gladly play your own factory original discs.

Paradigm is one of only a few companies in Phoenix to be certified by both Sound Choice and Chartbuster Karaoke to be in full compliance with a 100% legal library of music.

Paradigm uses professional band equipment such as Bose, Sennheiser and Yamaha as opposed to “Karaoke” brands.We make sure you are able to enjoy karaoke,not “Krappyoke”, and feel like a star.

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