Meet The Hosts Of Paradigm Karaoke

KJ Leyla Forrest

Leyla, a graduate of Columbia College of Fine and Performing Arts in Chicago, has been hosting karaoke for over 15 years. Her no fear approach has a way of relaxing the most nervous of singers and non-singers alike. Her music knowledge can help find that perfect song for every singer and often is requested to “surprise me with a new one” by many. The only thing stronger than her music knowledge may be her sports knowledge which can lure even the most anti-karaoke man into a bet and usually results in the loser singing a song.

Bill Forrest

Bill has had a lifelong love of music and for the past 20 years has been able to channel his love and experience into a career. As a singer, guitar player, trainer at Guitar Center and audio engineer, Bill’s ear for sound and knowledge of equipment sets him apart from other hosts.

Kevin Barbee

Kevin's laid back personality will let him help even the most nervous first time singers feel at ease and singing before they know what happened. Kevin also brings his photographic and videographic skills to Paradigm.

Rae Hamilton
Rae Hamilton (Mouse)

Rae (Better known as "Miss Mouse") is the newest addition to Paradigm's roster, but far from new to music. Her time in the theater has helped her already big personality grow. Always out front and the social butterfly, she can let anybody, young or old, relax enough to get out and sing.

Paradigm is professional,
but what is karaoke without fun?
if you love music, love people,
and would like to be part of
the best karaoke
the valley has to offer,
tell us so.

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